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Security Electric Fences
Non lethal security electric fences are being chosen to protect our vital assets because they are a great perimeter security option. They frighten, they bite and if breached they sound an alarm. Where are they used, how do they work and.... are they safe?

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What did we do before the directional fault finder?
How does it work, how to get the most out of yours.

Watts a Joule
How do you compare energisers, we recommend stored and output joules

JVA Technologies Pty Ltd

JVA is Australian owned and has a great selection of high quality electric fence equipment for both agricultural and security purposes. Check out the JVA International site or the JVA on-line store!

Pakton Technologies

Pakton Technologies is an OEM designer and manufacturer specialising in electronics for electric fences.

Welcome To Electric Fences.net

Security Electric Fence on a Wall

On this website you will find useful information on all things related to electric fencing. From descriptions of specific hardware and products used in the industry and the various applications of this equipment, to general information about electricity and fencing.
So have a look around and we hope you find something helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us


Electric fences are simply a fence containing one of more live wires charged with a voltage capable of delivering a shock, and therefore forming a barrier to animals (including humans). While lethal voltage has been used, these pages are dedicated to the non-lethal kind which delivers a mild but memorable shock.
Electric fences have been widely used in agriculture in developed countries since the 1960's. Due the lighter material requirements, electric fences are typically less expensive to erect than standard farm fences. Internal fencing can be as simple as a single wire.
Perhaps the earliest mention of an electric fence was by Jules Verne in his novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea written in 1875. Of interest is that Verne envisaged it as a security device for the Nautilus, his idea is now in everyday use with perimeter security being the second most common use after agriculture.
While not being what we engineers would call "high tech" electric fences are complex enough to cause headaches when things go wrong. That's where Electricfence.net can help. Hopefully we have the answers to your questions, and if not we can point you to someone who has.

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